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At the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS), we take pleasure in providing accurate weather forecasts, climate change insights, and crucial meteorological data thanks to the invaluable support and collaboration of our partners. From global meteorological organizations to local environmental agencies, our network comprises dedicated stakeholders all working towards a common goal: safeguarding Malawi against the impacts of climate variability and change. Here, we proudly showcase the diverse organizations and entities that play a vital role in enhancing our services. Together, we are committed to fostering resilience and promoting sustainable development across the nation.

Our Partners

Promise to our partners

By partnering with the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS), organizations commit to a collaborative and enriching relationship focused on tackling the pressing challenges of climate change, weather variability, and environmental stewardship. This partnership encompasses joint efforts to address climate and weather-related challenges, enriching DCCMS’s work through diverse contributions from various stakeholders. It serves as an invitation for organizations to expand their network, aligning with those who share a commitment to meteorological and environmental goals, and offers a chance to partake in meaningful efforts that make a significant difference in climate change, weather forecasting, and sustainable development. Moreover, through this collaboration, organizations can amplify their collective impact on society and the environment, sharing knowledge, data, and resources to achieve mutual benefits. This initiative also supports the goal of fostering resilience and promoting sustainable development across Malawi, inviting partners to join a growing community dedicated to environmental stewardship and meteorological services. In essence, becoming a partner with DCCMS signifies a shared dedication to safeguarding our environment for future generations and addressing some of the most critical environmental challenges facing Malawi and the global community.