New project aims at strenghtening the resilience and food security of smallholder farmers in Malawi

09 Feb, 2024 News


The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) of Malawi is thrilled to share the announcement of an innovative mission aimed at enhancing the resilience and food security of smallholder farmers in Malawi. In partnership with NORCAP and funded by Norad, this initiative promises to bring transformative change to the way climate information services (CIS) are accessed and utilized in agricultural decision-making processes. The official project launch is scheduled for February 9th in Lilongwe, marking the commencement of a journey toward sustainable agriculture and food security in our nations.

At the heart of this mission is the commitment to co-create and deliver tailored, sustainable forecasts and agricultural advisories that cater specifically to the needs of smallholder farmers. By understanding and integrating local decision-making contexts, needs, and capacities, the project aims to produce CIS that are not only reliable but also directly actionable for farmers. This effort is supported by the establishment of inclusive and effective delivery mechanisms, which are designed to enhance the programming interventions already in place, thereby improving smallholders' ability to engage in better informed and more sustainable farming practices.

As DCCMS, we are excited about the potential this project holds for long-term institutional capacity-building and learning within Malawi and beyond. The initiative's focus on a rigorous impact evaluation and the engagement of relevant local partners during the inception phase underlines our dedication to creating a resilient, informed, and sustainable agricultural sector. We look forward to collaborating closely with NORCAP, Norad, and all our partners to ensure the success of this mission, as we work together to build a climate-resilient future for our farmers and communities.

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