DCCMS and MET Norway Forge Ahead with Climate Services Capacity Building

21 Aug, 2023 News

DCCMS Director Dr. Lucy Ntilatila addressing the team.

In a landmark collaboration, the Malawi Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) team embarked on a strategic visit to Oslo from August 21st to 29th. This significant trip was centered around an expert group meeting with MET Norway, focusing on the crucial project "Institutional Support and Capacity Building for Weather and Climate Services". This meeting was a proactive step towards enhancing Malawi's capacity to deliver state-of-the-art weather and climate services, crucial for national development and disaster preparedness.

The exchange with MET Norway enabled the DCCMS team to delve into advanced methodologies and innovative technologies in meteorology and climate science. By discussing strategies for institutional strengthening and capacity building, the DCCMS has begun paving the way for improved climate services in Malawi. This collaboration is set to bring forth a new era in weather forecasting and climate data analysis, directly benefitting various sectors across the nation and contributing to the global effort against climate change.

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