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Station Detail

Station Name: MERU
gid 44
station al --
Date Established 2015-11-04
date close --
declared r Operational
assessed r Unknown
Station Type Land (fixed)
wigos stat 0-454-2-AWSMERU|primary
wmo region Africa
regional w Southern Africa
country Malawi
latitude -9.7555
longitude 33.367
elevation 1265
geopositio --
time zone UTC+2
supervisin Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services [Malawi]
station ur --
other link --
site descr --
climate zo Warm Temperate - Dry winter - Hot summer
predominan Mosaic vegetation (grassland/shrubland/forest) (50-70%) / cropland (20-50%) (Surface cover types (GlobCover2009))
surface ro --
topography (unknown) at low relative elevation within hills of high altitude
population --
programs/n GOS General:Operational
last updat 2021-05-10
last upd_1 Fatsanawo Dzingomvera