As from Sunday 18th October to Sunday 25th October 2020, most of the south, central and northern areas of the country are expected to experience hot to very hot, hazy, mostly sunny with partly cloudy weather conditions and a chance of sporadic thundery due to influx of warm easterly to north easterly airflow into the country.
However, from Wednesday 21 October to Friday 23rd October 2020, most of the areas are likely to experience warm to hot but hazy, smoggy and dust blowing windy weather conditions. Erratic rain-showers are likely to occur particularly as northern and lakeshore areas due to the passage from the south to the north of converging line of a warm and dry airflow from the east/north east with a cool and moist airflow from south east. Rough waters on Lake Malawi and other water bodies are expected due to occurrence of Mwera winds.
During the month of October, occurrences of thunderstorms are predominant due to the presence of moisture in combination with the presence of prolonged heating of the atmosphere by the sun. The thunderstorms are associated with strong winds, thunder and lightning which is basically a giant and powerful electric spark in the sky which occurs when there is an imbalance in the electrical charge between the cloud and the earth's surface and can cause damages to property and life.
The general public is therefore advised to take precautionary measures such as being in doors whenever thunderstorms occur within the vicinity to avoid being struck by lightning or being harmed by flying objects blown off by gusty winds associated with the thunderstorms. Whenever Mwera winds blow over the Lake Malawi, lake users including fishermen and boat operators are advised to exercise caution due to rough waters.

Due to the hot weather conditions, the public is advised to drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated. The public is further advised to religiously pay undivided attention to the continuously available daily, 10-day and weekly weather updates from the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services to be kept safe from any weather related threats. Meanwhile, regardless of the type of weather conditions, let us always protect each other from COVID-19 by wearing a face mask and keep social distance in public places.

Issued on Sunday 18th October 2020
For further information please contact: The Director, Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Mr. Jolamu Nkhokwe, Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources, P. O. Box 1808, Blantyre, Malawi. Tel: (265) 999 911 314; Email:, Website: