Calibration and standardisation services for weather and climate instruments and equipment

The Department is on request conducting the following Calibration and standardisation services for weather and climate instruments and equipment;

World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) is a World body recommending standards for all weather/meteorological instruments, equipment and operations in the world. In this regard, all weather related equipment and instruments are supposed to be calibrated before use and this calls for high precision reference instruments and equipment which every country in world has. These instruments and equipment are used to compare their readings with the readings of low precision instruments and equipment in use. It is this process of comparison which is called calibration. The processes of calibration is done in our laboratories within our workshop at Chileka airport.

DCCMS Engineer, During Calibration of Weather equipment

This is another critical area within the department for the world meteorological organisation (WMO) had to set the rules and regulations to govern all the activities within meteorological Institutions in the world, this signifies common practices for various equipment and instruments behaviour throughout the world .This art of following one common procedure on equipment and instruments is what is known as standardisation and in the field of Meteorology this involves several parameters such as Designing, manufacturing, installation height and features, depth, time series, materials, transportation of specific equipment and instruments, calibration parameters and different technologies in use. The standardisation issue also extends to operation practices such as hour of observations, Time marking, check readings and chart changing just to mention a few. It is therefore the responsibility of DCCMS to make sure that these procedures, rules and regulations are properly adhered to and that they are put into practice so as to move along with the entire world in the field of meteorology. Each and every equipment and instruments is installed and calibrated based on the stipulated procedures by the international body.