Agrometeorology is the study of weather and use of weather and climate information to enhance or expand agricultural crops and/or to increase crop production. It is an interdiscipline field mainly involving the interaction of meteorologal factors and agriculture.

This section is within the Climate and Weather Services division of the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services(DCCMS), it is a major stakeholder in the agro based Malawian Economy, the agrometeorology section (DCCMS) partners with several government Departments and Ministries like Ministry of Agriculture and Water Development, local and International Non Governmental Organisations like the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations(FAO).

The section plays a crucial role in support of the following

  • National Early Warning Systems and Food Security by among other things issuing the 10-day weather and agrometeorological bulletin during the rainy season, October through April,
  • Crop weather insurance,
  • Crop protection and management,
  • Irrigation and
  • Climate Risk management.

Furthermore, the section also issues tailored products to meet specific user needs for agricultural purposes on request such as forecasts and advisories.